New Promotions and awards at Havering Jiu Jitsu Academy

Tuesday 12th December Havering Jiu Jitsu Academy held its annual grading and awards ceremony for its students. If was a fantastic evening that helped to round off what has been the most successful year for the team to date.

Children’s awards

Leo Irons – Most impressive competitor
Brooke Middleton – Most improved practitioner
Riley Middleton – Will power and toughness award
Vincent – Best club representative 2017
Joey Tobin – Best submissions in the class

Adults belt promotions

Spencer Van – Blue Belt Promotion
James Terry – Blue Belt Promotion
Luke Gibson – Blue Belt Promotion
Jack Newson – Blue Belt Promotion
Charlie Nwachukwu – Purple Belt Promotion
Vincent Ebbrell – Purple Belt Promotion
Marco Siquera – Purple Belt Promotion
Gary May – Purple Belt Promotion
Craig Young – Brown Belt Promotion

Congratulations to everyone that received promotions and awards

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