Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me to my first class and what should I wear?

Best to wear loose clothing like shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt. Also bring some water with you.

Once you have joined our academy and training regularly you are required to wear a HJJA kimono which can be purchased from our online shop.  Children are required to wear the HJJA kimono on a Tuesday night and the HJJA NOGI uniform on a Thursday night.

Is there an area I can change in?

Yes there are changing rooms available next two our hall with separate men’s and women’s sections.

I am a complete beginner, what is the best class to attend?

We cater for complete beginners in all of our classes so you are welcome to attend any of them, however our Wednesday class focuses entirely on the basics and is designed for beginners.

I understand that in Jiu Jitsu live sparring is involved in the training, will I be sparring straight away as a beginner?

A. No, the coaches will not ask to spar unless you have at least 8-10 classes under your belt, even then it will be with a more experienced practitioner who will take you through the motions focusing on teaching the correct movements and defences.

Will I have the chance to compete when ready?

Yes we encourage our students to compete in competition but it is not compulsory that you do. We have many high level practitioners that have never competed before, as well as white belts that compete every weekend. You will be expected to prepare yourself correctly and train hard in preparation if you do decide you want to be a competitor.

How many classes should I aim to attend per week?

We would recommend that you attend at least 2/3 classes per week if you wish to see quick progression. The more mat time you get the quicker your skills will improve. We understand that students have busy lives outside of training therefore it is not compulsory that you attend every class. With our membership you can pick and choose what classes suit your schedule.

How long will it take to receive a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

This is a hard one and you’re not the first to ask. I would say, and most good black belts would agree. You should seek the knowledge before the belt. If you do this the belts will come naturally. It’s a marathon not a sprint and everyone runs at a different pace. A typical time for an consistent practitioner is 8-10 years.