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HJJA Interclub Brackets and competitors list (Updated 17th Jan 2022)

HJJA Interclub competition competitors list and bracket information

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We have tried our best to match all students as equally as possible. However, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. All junior and juvenile matches (aged 4-17 years) will be in the Kimono so please bring them with you with your belts.  All junior and juvenile matches (aged 4-17 years) will be following the IBJJF rules and points system.

Doors will now open at 9:15am for competitors and spectators.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your bracket begins.  Anyone who is late will be DQed.  Entry is absolutely free.  We will also have fight wear and other club products on display for you to browse as well as snacks, tea/coffee.

Please remember that we encourage spectators and parents to cheer on competitors but politely request that everyone remains respectful at all times.  We have trained staff and referees on the mats during matches and their decisions are final.  Anyone disrespecting staff in anyway will be asked to leave and potentially be expelled from the club.


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Havering Jiu Jitsu Interclub Wows The Crowd – Results

Havering Jiu Jitsu Interclub Wows The Crowd – Results

This years Havering Jiu Jitsu Interclub was a huge success with lots of competitors taking part.  We saw children as young as four years old put on an amazing display of Jiu Jitsu in front of an astonished crowd of parents and spectators.

Well done to all the competitors and thank you to everyone that came along to support the event.

See the full results below. 

Under 6 Years 18KG
1ST Joey Hammersley
2ND Zac Singcuenco
3RD Harry Wooding

Under 10 years 34KG
1ST Charlie Ilott -30KG WHITE AGED 10
2ND Sam Howard -30KG WHITE AGED 9
3RD Jack Timotheou -34KG WHITE AGED 8

Under 10 Years 24KG
1ST Christian Stanley -24KG YELLOW AGED 10
2ND Riley Middleton -30KG GREY AGED 9
2ND Billy Hammersley -21KG GREY AGED 9

Under 8 Years 24KG
1ST Xander Singcuenco -21KG GREY AGED 7
2ND James Militaru -24KG GREY AGED 7

Under 12 Years 55KG
1ST Brooke Middleton -46KG GREY AGED 12
2ND Natalia Ahmed -55KG GREY 12

Under 11 Years 53KG
1ST Joey Tobin
2ND Taha Hassani -50KG GREY AGED 11
3RD Callum Ford -50KG GREY AGED 11

Under 14 Years 55KG
1ST Charlie Sams -46KG WHITE AGED 14
2ND Ronnie Scott -55KG GREY AGED 13

Adult White Belt Absolute
1ST Dom Erk
2ND Patrick How
3RD Christopher Lynch

Blue Belt Absolute
1ST Sat Rana
2ND Barry Rennick


Another fantantic evening of Gracie jiu Jitsu with Ben Poppleton

Havering jiu Jitsu Academy were honoured once again to host a seminar with 3rd degree Black belt Ben Poppleton. Ben received his Black Belt from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. He is also the first British person to be awarded a black belt by a Gracie.

The evening received a lot of positive feedback from our Senior members that attended.  “Thanks for organising this seminar, truly awesome stuff from Ben, really enjoy his style and the way it comes over.  His breakdown application is excellent” said one HJJA member.

From all of us at HJJA we would also like to congratulate our long time student and resident instructor Tony Scaddon on his well deserved Brown Belt which he received on the night from head HJJA instructor David Tobin.  Tony has been a valuable student for many years and continues to show hard work and loyalty to his team by giving back in so many ways. Tony teaches on Saturday mornings at the Academy were he welcomes all.



Not Your Average White Belt

Havering jiu Jitsu Academy student Devante Lamar has been tearing up the competitive BJJ and submission wrestling circuit recently. Devante is not your average white belt. He has built up a wealth of experience competing in most events across the country, even as far away as Scotland where he took, yes you guessed it, Gold!
We have listed some of Devantes recent achievements below. Please join us in congratulating Devante. We are all very proud to have you on the team! You have a very bright future ahead of you and we are all excited to see you in action again soon.

Gold in No-Gi Destroy Inc Gold at Super Heavyweight & Gold at Ultra Heavyweight
Essex Cup BJJ Tournament – Double Gold
Cambridge BJJ Open – Gold
Hertfordshire Open – Double Gold
Surrey Open – Silver
Allstar Manchester Open – Gold
Roll Models 8 – Gold
MAASIF British Open – Gold
British Open – Gold
No-Gi Southend Open Double Gold
Allstar Autumn Open – Double Gold
No-Gi Scottish National Cup – Gold
No-Gi Destroy Inc – Double Gold
London Warriors Cup – Gold
MAA SIF Kent Open – Silver in the Blue Belt Category

NAGA Europe – GOLD