About Us

Havering Jiu jitsu Academy

“It’s not just an academy, it’s a lifestyle”

Our Jiu Jitsu team was established in 2010 by Prof. David Tobin. Our lineage has routes to the earliest stages of the Birth of UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have since built many European, British and English champions in BJJ and NOGI submission grappling.

Our team on a whole specialise in NOGI Submission Grappling however we do train in the traditional Kimono (Gi) once a week.  David chose to focus on the NOGI aspect of the sport for many reasons. NOGI when practiced as a sport transfers much better into real fighting situations and also other fighting sports like MMA.  Jiu Jitsu as a sport is also becoming more popular in a NOGI format which in turn offers our athletes more opportunities on a big stage. The NOGI style also offers more submission opportunities, in particular, leg locks, which we are well known for being highly skilled in as a team.

Our vision: To continue to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment for our students to train in, whilst keeping and maintaining our top of the range training facility standards. To empower our students with a sense of combative confidence, helping them to make the right decisions and defend themselves in this dangerous world that we live in today.