Another fantantic evening of Gracie jiu Jitsu with Ben Poppleton

Havering jiu Jitsu Academy were honoured once again to host a seminar with 3rd degree Black belt Ben Poppleton. Ben received his Black Belt from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. He is also the first British person to be awarded a black belt by a Gracie.

The evening received a lot of positive feedback from our Senior members that attended.  “Thanks for organising this seminar, truly awesome stuff from Ben, really enjoy his style and the way it comes over.  His breakdown application is excellent” said one HJJA member.

From all of us at HJJA we would also like to congratulate our long time student and resident instructor Tony Scaddon on his well deserved Brown Belt which he received on the night from head HJJA instructor David Tobin.  Tony has been a valuable student for many years and continues to show hard work and loyalty to his team by giving back in so many ways. Tony teaches on Saturday mornings at the Academy were he welcomes all.